David wrote and directed his first feature film The Take Down in 2017. It was only the second film ever to be officially supported by the well established Raindance Film Festival, London.

So far, The Take Down has won 25 awards and has screened worldwide at film festivals such as Comic Con and Action on Film in the USA.

The Take Down is now released on Amazon Prime worldwide.




David has over ten years experience working in film and television. He is a senior member of the British Stunt Register, and has worked on some of Hollywood's best known blockbusters such as Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Kingsmen, Transformers, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter and many others.

David launched his directing career when the band Johnny Wore Black approached David to direct their music video ‘All The Rage’ to help raise money for the UK charity Help For Heroes, and David went on to direct further videos for the band.

Subsequently, David has directed several short action films, all of which have received multiple awards worldwide. David’s visual directing style is inspired by the directors he has worked with for the past 10 years such as the prolific Michael Bay, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

David is currently developing a slate of feature films for multiple platforms. 




Directing Reel

Moments of my work from music videos, commercials, short and feature films.



The Take Down

A rogue hitman on a mission to takedown his corrupt boss finds himself facing a league of deadly assassins.

Writer/Director: David Newton
Producer: Eloise Carrow
D.O.P: Stephen J.Nelson
Distribution: Amazon Prime
Genre: Action



Howling Hops
Advertising the venue and selling online take away beers.
Writer/Director: David Newton
Producer: David Newton
D.O.P: Stephen J Nelson
Genre: Commercial







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